The one-on-one feel and the instruction of how to continue therapy at home – P R

Very efficient, never had to wait. Very aware of level of pain and did not push too hard – K Kinsella

GreenhausPT is professional, informative, caring and resourceful. Staff is very friendly and considerate. I look forward to my appointments each week. My trust in your ability to address my injury was immediate from day 1 and I recommend your clinic to anyone who needs physical therapy. Way to go! – J S

My PT experience was all positive!! Mona was so attentive, caring, helpful. Staff was always pleasant and helpful. I really can’t think of one thing to improve!! My experience was FANTASTIC!! Mona is a very talented PT! I have highly recommended her to family/friends. Mona has shown me how to care for my body via exercise and I am so grateful. I do these exercises now at home and feel very well, thanks to Mona’s instruction and support. Mona inspires patients to exercise and heal and gives them hope. – N F

This was, without exception, the absolute best experience I have ever had in a physical therapy clinic. There is nothing that I like least. It is an exceptional facility and should be a role model for other facilities. Dr. Mona is a consummate professional – she is exceptionally thorough and knowledgeable with respect to examinations, helpful exercises and advice and guidance regarding how to navigate real-life situations given my physical issues. The staff is courteous, friendly and professional. It’s extremely unusual to find a PT practice where patients are scheduled for individual sessions with no waiting and no distractions. It was a true pleasure to be a patient with this high level of care. – S M

Anita is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained my diagnosis and treatment. – M Horn

I feel very lucky to have Mona as my P/T and the wonderful Leslie and Gina as well. It is very difficult if not impossible, to find a small, one-on-one experience at a P/T facility. The care is exceptional and I look forward to participating in the fitness program for many years to come. Thanks everyone. – D G

The professionalism of the staff. The staff watched you making sure you did the movement correctly and didn’t just tell you what machine to go to next. – S P

The fact that I had a one to one relationship with Anita & Mona is what I liked most about my experience. They also answer my questions & margin my capabilities. I would highly recommend Greenhaus PT. – S D

Anita Greenhaus is a fantastic therapist. She consistently provides excellent care and successful treatments. I am completely satisfied. – D N

[I like most about the] Ease of getting appointment, professionalism and capability of therapist’s individual attention and the directions of therapist and the limited number of people in therapy at one-time. – F G

You really relieved my neck pain which I had for several years. – E F

I truly appreciated the hands on approach and the amount of time Mona spent with me during PT. I have had PT in other places where after the first few sessions; you are basically on your own. Mona is careful and thorough and right there all the time, supporting and evaluating my progress. – C H

Anita is very knowledgeable and clearly explained my diagnosis in laymen’s terms. She also explains how each exercise helps to alleviate the problem. – M H

There wasn’t anything that I did not like! Both Anita and Mona were so helpful. The therapists really understood my problem and expressed concern on how I was progressing. Also provided me with the exercises I needed to help myself. – P P

Very Professional, smart, understanding, informative. Anita Greenhaus gave me the confidence and motivation to move forward with my life. – V C

Mona was really helpful in making my recovery quick and painless. She gave me a ton of exercises to do at home which speed up my recovery. When I went back to the doctor for a check-up 6 weeks after I had wrist surgery, he couldn’t believe my progress and asked for my physical therapist’s information. – L B

[I liked my experience with] the personal attention of the therapist and the staff, the small, personal atmosphere and the flexibility of appointments. – M Eisenberg

I liked the fact you were treated by one person – the therapist and not passed on to others. I was very satisfied. – P M

The one-on-one care by the therapist and that my symptoms were taken seriously and compassionately. The entire staff made Greenhaus PT my second home. – S S

Everything was great. I was willing to work hard and Mona worked with me. No complaints. One-on-one care. Mona was most attentive and caring. I am doing much better. Better than other therapists I have been to, great experience. -E.R.

Having never had physical therapy, it was a very pleasant, helpful experience. -J.L.

Mona was great. She was compassionate but tough in order to get results. -S.S.

Mona was extremely helpful and patient with me and explained everything thoroughly and in an easy to understand way. -I.Z.

No complaints at all. I was recommended by a family member and I would surely do the same and recommend Greenhaus PT to others. I love the size of the facility , didn’t feel lost in some big place, made it more personal. -A.M.

The therapist was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. -L.S.

Great, personalized therapy in very friendly setting. Recommend o others frequently. -P.H.

This was my second experience with Greenhaus PT. Mona and the therapists are excellent. -E.B.

I have always found the staff at Greenhaus to be skilled, professional and welcoming, from reception to treatment. -M.J.

I was extremely satisfied with my treatment. Mona was very professional and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend her to my friends. -A.S.

This was my third times. I would not have returned for # 2 and/or # 3 if I had not been treated professionally, courteously, and promptly. Experience # 3 just as good as the previous ones. -A.D.

If you need physical therapy, this is where you want to be. I speak from many years of experience and injuries. -N.L.

Treatment was terrific, very pleasant, accommodating, clean. -D.P.

Excellent treatment. Personal service. Very customized to meet my specific needs and rehab issues. -D.W.

I have been treated for many different injuries over the years at Greenhaus Physical Therapy. There is a reason that I always come back. They are simply THE BEST!!! -J.Z.

In my opinion, PT staff at Greenhaus Physical Therapy is quintessential with a superb mix of technical and inter personal skills …I was very fortunate to have found this extraordinary physical therapy clinic. -B.N.

Mona explained what we’re doing at all times. She was very professional and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend her to friends. -J.B.

Mona was very professional and knowledgeable. She ascertained the nature of my back problem before my doctor. I would strongly recommend her. Mona – Great Job! -J.M.

This was my second experience at Greenhaus. The first in 2007 when I had a left hip replacement and again when my left knee was replaced. Again I am very pleased with my progress as is my surgeon. I am not looking for any … joint replacements but if it occurs, you will see me -M.M.

The experience was exceptional; my workouts were monitored and charted to get full benefits of sessions. I highly recommend this facility for PT. -K.S.

Dr. Mona Rajpal is an excellent physical therapist. She is a true professional who is caring and concerned about her patients. Her expertise is displayed in every interaction with her patient. The office set up is very good. It takes care of privacy. I would recommend Greenhaus PT to all the people who need PT -B.J.

Warm, friendly environment, excellent caring staff. -R.P.

I could not be more pleased with the care provided by Anita and Mona. It is so rare these days, not to feel hurried. Everything about the office is wonderful including the highly competent and warm back-up staff. I highly recommend this clinic! -D.G.

The care was superior to other PT mills. There is individual attention and excellent care. I have recommended Greenhaus to everyone that tells me they are looking for PT therapy. -G.S.

Even before I saw a doctor when I experienced leg pain, I went to Anita for help. She expertly diagnosed the problem and sent me to a doctor. She worked with me until satisfied that I was much improved, and discharged me. She is full of information, listens carefully and has much warmth and humor. -L.F.

At Greenhaus Physical Therapy they provided me with a lot of helpful information that I could use in the treatment of my condition. Her treatments and exercises, to do at home, helped ease my pain. -M.H.

As always, treatment was the best – both mind and body were focused on to help regain confidence or physical abilities. -R.R.

Mona and team gave me my life back. Gina was always welcoming when I arrived. I felt very comfortable there. -N.F.

Great experience! Mona was excellent. I feel the exercises she assigned will benefit me for the rest of my life. -E.B.

I was well taken care of with great concern – professionalism! Anita was/has always been there for me! -T.S.

Glad I elected Greenhaus PT instead of surgery. -J.W.

Not only are the therapists at Greenhaus professional, but extremely caring and understanding. I would without reservation recommend this clinic to my relatives and friends. -B.L.

I have returned to Greenhaus many times. I love it here. -B.R.

As in the past, complet satisfaction. Thank you. -A.D.

My results far exceeded my expectation. Thank you Mona! -K.S.

Everyone at Greenhaus Physical Therapy was very professional. I had a good experience and made great progress. -D.L.