fitness center

Greenhaus Physical Therapy Fitness and Wellness Center’s holistic approach to physical health has encouraged many patients to transition themselves into the fitness program, thereby optimizing their physical capabilities.

Whether you are a patient ‘graduating’ from physical therapy, or just interested in becoming healthier, each member is given individualized attention. And, some insurance companies will pay for the gym membership!


As a member, you are given a musculoskeletal evaluation by our professional staff prior to embarking on the specialized fitness program that is formulated specifically for you. Close monitoring of your program is an integral part of our facility’s philosophy, and is what makes us stand above and apart any other health club.

Additionally, our center boasts the use of Nautilus’ ST-2 line of equipment. Machines have range of motion limiters, which help to minimize inappropriate joint movements. This line is equipped with a supplemental one pound increment stack, thereby reducing the chances of injury by having to work at a too high an effort level.

3/6/12 month’s membership available. Please call us at 516-367-1111 for further details.

Whether you join our fitness program or another gym, you want to make sure your injury doesn’t derail you from your goals. We’ll help you get fit and stay fit!

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Customized Fitness Programs for various ages and conditions, but not limited to: